$630 Reward For Completing Tasks
Join Coinzh and Get Exclusive Rewards
1. Create an Account
2. Complete Assigned Tasks
3. Check Your Rewards!

Sign up and get a $10 coupon.

First Deposit

Make your first deposit and transfer it to the futures account, and you will get a coupon worth 10% of your deposited amount. The reward will be capped at $100

Follow Coinzh

Reward 1- Follow Coinzh on social media and retweet any tweet to get a $5 coupon (Contact our customer service to get it).

Reward 2- Join our official Telegram group to get a $5 coupon (Contact our customer service to get it)

Active Trading

Active Trading- Trade actively for 15 days (including spot trading and futures trading) to get a $100 coupon.Copy Trade- Complete a Copy Trade for the first time and get a coupon worth 10% of your copy trade transaction fee. The reward will be capped at $200

Cumulative Trading

Complete three futures trades and get a coupon worth 10% of your transaction fee for the three closing trades. The reward will be capped at $200

Use BGB for the First Time (Coming Soon)

The first time you use BGB as a margin ro close a futures position , you will receive a $10 coupon

Rule Description
  • 1. Coupon: It can be used towards deductions from transaction fees for Spot Trading and Unified Futures. The validity period is 60 days. The coupon will become effective upon completion of the task.
  • 2. To claim the rewards for following Coinzh, you need to contact our customer service and provide the corresponding screenshots and other relevant information.
  • 3. The deposit rewards only apply for on-chain deposits, excluding internal transfers on the platform.
  • 4. Trading Reward Description: Calculated according to the transactions of orders. If there are multiple transactions in one order, the reward for each transaction will be credited in chronological order.
  • 5. Each reward can only be claimed once, instead of being claimed multiple times.
  • 6. All rewards will be distributed to your Rewards Center under your account icon and can be used upon receipt. Currently, you can only check their status on the web.
  • 7. Coinzh reserves the right to final interpretation of the event and has the right to deal with user’s accounts and assets if any malicious acts or exploitation of platform vulnerabilities are detected.